nhlstnhlst said: i never saw a horse trying to find his true Self why should I ?


Is a horse orchestrating genocides, polluting the planet, working 9-5 jobs, or living in a general state of violent confusion?

Consider this:

1. A person juggling a dozen bean bags without realizing it. 

2. That person then realizing they are juggling a dozen bean bags and starting to falter. They are excited to realize how incredible their feat of juggling is but also filled with hope and fear. They hope to continue juggling and fear dropping the bean bags. This added hope and fear then causes them to falter while juggling. 

3. The person regains a state of unwavering composure. No longer are they caught by a mental imagination of the future, called hope and fear. Their full attention is engaged in the act of juggling but their sense of self is rooted in silent presence. The juggling remains smooth and continuous. 

The horse is like number #1. The majority of humanity is at the stage of #2. The spiritual way helps to stabilize us in #3. 

Is anything changing? The juggling in the beginning and in the end are the same. And yet there is also something different. There is a different quality of awareness. 

Recognizing the reality of existence is not a “should.” I would never say that someone “should” be more spiritual or something like that. It’s just an inevitability if we want to free ourselves from unnecessary suffering and uncover the vast potential of harmony both within and without. 

We are either living in ignorance or we are aspiring for clarity. Your True Self™ is not elsewhere to be found. It is not hiding. If it were, “finding” it would be much easier. What makes it seem so enigmatic is the fact that you are and always were that Self. The path is about finally coming to know that as it truly is, without the constructs of name and form.

I think most people come onto the path for different reasons. They want more peace, less anxiety, more love, less fear, or healing. But sooner or later the path will overturn every concept you have about yourself, the world, and reality itself. 

Namaste :)


“Hanging with my friend David Lynch… damn good hair!” —Kyle MacLachlan (September 2014).
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“Hanging with my friend David Lynch… damn good hair!”
—Kyle MacLachlan (September 2014).

◭ Welcome to Twin Peaks ◭ http://ift.tt/1snDQmg via http://ift.tt/OF8QRD


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Sweet November

petedesa said: How does one deal with the idea of losing love (and losing it)?


You are love. You can lose something you have; you cannot lose something that you are. 

The problem is that most of us have been encultured to think that love is a commodity that we get and give. If you are worthy, you will be loved by someone who is worthy. If you become unworthy, you will lose the love of others. 

It’s also a way for your ego to pick and choose who receives the light of your love and who is left in darkness. 

But loving and being loved are two very different things. If someone loves you but you are somehow shut off, depressed, or unable to receive it, then no matter how much they love you, you will not feel it. Yet if you love someone, regardless of whether or not they accept it, you will feel filled with love. 

The point in that difference is to highlight the fact that love is a nondual phenomenon. It doesn’t require two people or a subject and object. Just one heart. 

Whenever it seems like love is disappearing from your life, be that in the form of a breakup or a series of unfortunate events, don’t struggle to impose your preferences onto the situation. Don’t strive to satisfy your insecurity. 

Instead, use that as an opportunity to uncover the real abode of love, the timeless radiance within your beating heart. 

It’s not easy and it’s not painless but really there is no other choice. Love shines from the placeless, timeless, sourceless source within. So long as you require someone or something external to give you permission to access and commune with the source of love, you will be in unnecessary bondage. By learning to bear your heart, to allow it to break open, you can uncover the very abode of consciousness. 

You do not love or bring love into the world. Love is what manifests you in utter newness, moment after moment.

Reexamine everything you have assumed about love and where to find it. Question all of your previous assumptions. And practice tonglen meditation. 

A book I also strongly recommend is The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron. 

Namaste :) Much love. 

theashwars said: I have trusted my intuition and left the Catholic Church (I will be working in the Church until June). I have great peace and love from leaving. However, I feel at this moment without the structure of the Catholic Church (or any religion) as if I am without structure or without something to hold onto. For example I don't have any practice or ritual, except silent meditation every day. I feel as if I should be DOING something as if to make my own beliefs valid or more tangible. Any suggestions?


Instead of talking, listen. Instead of doing, feel. 

A belief is like a guide. As in, I believe the gas station is thataway, so I’ll walk in that direction and see if I find it. I don’t need to validate that belief nor is that belief particularly important once I have gotten to the gas station. 

Also, that belief isn’t me. If the gas station isn’t thataway, then I can just shrug and head whichaway instead. 

So then what’s the point? Exploration. 

Churches and most religions focus on ideas taken as truth and then consequences of those truths. Because you believe this, then you believe that and therefore should do ______. Religion becomes a kind of governing force of dogma and is limited by its anthropocentric perspective.

What are you seeking: To assert your own beliefs and/or those you have taken in since childhood? Or to finally give the Creation a chance to speak its wisdom through your silent heart? 

Exploration is active communion with the divine reality of consciousness. Belief is passive retention of mind, like a bookmark. Useful but not a place from which to seek shelter. 

Leaving the church will likely feel disorienting. Like you say, you will feel an urge to DO. But try not to confuse exploration and “doing.” Exploration could mean sitting on a bench and listening to the patter of rain while waiting for the bus. Exploration means interrupting your habitual way of perceiving and acting. But you aren’t interrupting those habits with other habits or with other actions or perceptions. You are interrupting the unconsciousness of habit with the conscious presence of full attention. 

You feel peace and love now but you may find yourself feeling all sorts of confusing or painful things. The path does not consist of clinging to what feels good and avoiding what feels bad. Rather, the path encourages us to go deeply into whatever wisdom this moment is attempting to share with us. 

Since you are likely most familiar with a christian paradigm, you may enjoy reading some of the spiritual works of some magnificent disciples of Christ. The writings of Meister Eckhart, Thomas Merton, and Anthony de Mello will do a fantastic job do introduce some new influences to your practice and your perspective. 

In my personal practice, I’ve adopted the approach of avoiding indulgence. If I feel very caught up in doing, I begin to emphasize the non-doing and non-dual nature of reality to my spiritual practices. If I begin to feel like withdrawing from the world and into myself, I will start to emphasize compassion, bodhicitta (the motivation to awaken to the fullness of reality for the benefit of others), and spontaneous enlightened activity. 

The reason for this is that neither doing nor non-doing is the whole case. Like beliefs, they are approaches. Both approaches will urge you beyond the approach. By refraining from excessive indulgence into either activity or non-activity, you avoid mistaking them for the ultimate and falling into a habit of belief. It keeps your path alive and challenging rather than stale and dogmatic.

BUT in the end, your silent meditation is your best friend. When you can be quiet, the voiceless voice within will become more obvious. You are the best one to know your path and where it should go. Just as you knew to leave the church at this point in your life.

If you feel snagged or stagnated in the nakedness of your path, since having so much freedom can almost be like a writer staring at a blank page, you are welcome to contact me. Typically I find inspiration from reading the words of great saints, such as those of the christian mystics I mentioned above or those of the far East. But everyone’s got their own thing, I suppose.

Namaste :) May your way be blessed. 

Respect your uniqueness and drop comparison. Relax into your being.
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can straight girls please stop shitting their pants over being mistaken for lesbians or being called lesbians as an insult?

when someone tries to insult you by calling you a lesbian, they’re a homophobe. if you actually find it insulting to be called a lesbian, you’re a homophobe too. this is not a difficult concept to grasp.

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if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.

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